Commissioner Adam Putnam of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has made these issues multi-year priorities, and all of us at MG are thrilled to support their innovative efforts, which include online data and mapping tools.

Additionally, our 2014 analysis of the relationship between food access and diet-related deaths across Florida is now available to the public. Learn how increasing healthy food availability in low access communities by just one single percentage point could improve the overall health of 1.2 million urban and the 780,000 rural Floridians and prevent nearly 650 premature deaths over a seven-year period. Now, in 2015, the focus is to drill deeper into the data to encourage and track local community solutions.

To support this work, MG is conducting a more granular analysis of the food environment and its relationship to health outcomes. We are also conducting focus groups, listening sessions, a survey, and a statewide forum. Stay tuned for new releases.

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