In Birmingham, over 88,000 people live on blocks where mainstream grocers are distant (we call these areas Food Deserts) or where grocers are distant and unhealthy food is readily available (we call this condition Food Imbalance).  In these areas, it is generally difficult to buy a first-rate apple, tomato, or green bean. Many venues instead specialize in candy, soda, chips, and fried food. In total, these problem Food Desert and Food Imbalance conditions comprise over 43 square miles. Of those affected, over 23,000 are children. Our study found statistically significant relationships to cancer and other diseases. Download the full report to learn more. BE SURE TO FIRST READ DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS on left. Thank you Main Street Birmingham for sponsoring this study. For more information on what Main Street Birmingham is doing on this issue, visit We also thank: The Jefferson County Department of Health, The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Wachovia: A Wells Fargo Company, and the City of Birmingham.

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