The MG team was retained to conduct a needs assessment for the newly created Independent Transportation Network of Chicago (ITNChicago), which started in Maine to encourage seniors who can no longer drive safely to trade in their cars and receive rides instead from volunteers. The success of the initiative led to the development of independent but affiliated branches in other parts of the country. Local Chicago leaders were inspired to launch a similar program in Chicago. As a result, ITNChicago was born. The report includes strategic maps and data work, key informant interviews, a senior survey, an assessment of competing services and program viability, and other deliverables.  The survey was conducted in a participatory fashion with ITNChicago staff. Our sincere gratitude to our sponsor, ITNChicago, to our funder, Chicago Community Trust, and to the many others who contributed to this work. To all of you working on programs to help seniors in need, we invite you to use the information, data, maps, survey and other instruments found in this report freely in your own work and research. This 214-page document is VERY LARGE. As is the case with all of our reports, please do not attempt to open within your email program. See the side panel of this page for download instructions.

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