Established in 1733, Savannah is known as America’s first planned city. Early in its history, farmers discovered that the climate and soil were favorable to the cultivation of cotton, rice, and lush backyard gardens full of great varieties of nutrient-rich produce. But similar to what has happened in other places across America, local residents over time became more and more disenfranchised from locally produced Good Food. View our findings and the recommended action steps for improving food and health in the city famous for its seascape port and “Midnight in the Garden” character. Find out if local crab shacks are part of the USDA Food Stamp retailer program. Check out our new “Food Balance” imagery inspired by this part of the historic South and the famous “Bird Girl” statue. See how our new street-level maps bring otherwise turgid research to life. These maps are helping community groups, city planners, zoning officials and others improve walkable and drivable pathways to mainstream food providers. This is a LARGE document. As is the case with all of our reports, please do not attempt to open within your email program. See the side panel of this page for download instructions.

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