Public Reports

Most of our projects do not result in publicly accessible reports, but here are a few that we can share. Our written content, graphics and illustrations are copyrighted. If you would like to use our work in a way other than viewing or citing it, please inquire about licensing permission.
June 3, 2006

Cancer and CVD in Food Desert Storyboard

Premature death due to cancer and cardiovascular disease is also greater for African American, White, and Latino communities where there is greater imbalance of food choices. While these effects are not statistically significant, the pattern repeats itself in nearly every instance of analysis: as communities become more out-of-balance in terms of food choices, diet-related deaths and premature death increase.
June 3, 2006

Chicago Food Desert Report Cover and Description Storyboard

In 1923, long before the rise of McDonald’s golden arches, an advertisement for beef made this proclamation in the Bridgeport Telegraph: “Ninety percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat.” The phrase you are what you eat actually dates back to the 17th century. Over time, science has repeatedly demonstrated that […]
June 3, 2006

Metro Chicago Food Stamp Retailers Storyboard

This storyboard includes tables of our recoding of USDA Food Stamp retailers for Metro Chicago. Download Attachments Metro Chicago Food Stamp Retailers File size: 98 KB Downloads: 307
June 3, 2006

Chicago Food Desert by 50K Household Income and More

There are 3 food deserts in Chicago comprising a half million residents and 203,369 households. But not everyone who lives in the food desert is poor. For example, of these 203,369 households: 63,355 or 31% have an annual income of $50,000 or more 29,561 or 14% have an annual income of $75,000 or more 14,194 or 7% have an annual […]
June 3, 2006

Untapped Opportunities for Chicago Grocers

This is a baseline map that grocers and other market actors have found helpful. Download Attachments Chicago Untapped Business Opportunities for Grocers File size: 555 KB Downloads: 235
June 3, 2006

Chicago Grocer Access Task Force Recommendations

This document outlines recommended steps for Chicago to improve food access. The Task Force was formed in response to Mari Gallagher’s work. Download Attachments Chicago Grocer Access Task Force Recommendations File size: 135 KB Downloads: 506
March 6, 2005

Alternative IDs, ITIN Mortgages,and Emerging Latino Markets – March 6, 2005

Read how banks are advancing ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Numbers) mortgages to help undocumented Mexicans buy homes. Download Attachments Alternative IDs, ITIN Mortgages, and Emerging Latino Markets File size: 884 KB Downloads: 573
May 13, 2003

Finding the Intersection Between Compliance and New Markets

This is one of many articles Mari Gallagher wrote for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago journal, see page 6. Download Attachments Finding the Intersection Between Compliance and New Markets File size: 214 KB Downloads: 982
May 15, 2001

Neighborhood Recovery: Reinvestment Policy for the New Hometown

This is a review by Mari Gallagher on an interesting historical account of housing development practice and policy in Philadelphia. Download Attachments Book Review in Journal of American Planning Association File size: 223 KB Downloads: 372
May 4, 2000

Inside Game, Outside Game: Winning Strategies for Saving Urban America

This is a review by Mari Gallagher on David Rusk’s provocative book critiquing community development practices. Download Attachments Book review in Chicago Policy Review File size: 581 KB Downloads: 438